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3 days and counting…

October 14, 2009

Well there are now just 3 days until the race.

I have confirmed my pace chart which, although ambitious, is I hope realistic.  I have also done some work on a quick checklist for my support crew to keep tabs on what I’ve eaten, drunk and how fast/slow I’m running.

Running this week has been short and sharp, my legs have felt ready to rock and I’ve been feeling frustrated that I can’t go and blast out a fast 15 miler.  I’ll probably only run about 15 miles this week prior to the race.

All that remains is to do a bit more mental preparation, to remain well hydrated over the coming days and to eat a slightly higher proportion of carbs than usual.  (There won’t be any massive pasta binges!)

The Sri Chinmoy website is promising some “live” or “nearly live” updates, it can be found

This is what the Tooting track looks like (viewed from the start of the back straight, where the support crews are camped).

Id better get used to seeing this track

I'd better get used to seeing this track

In other news, Chris Carver…..
…. has published his report on the Commonwealth 24hr Championships.  It makes very good reading – you can find it