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Achilles update…

August 25, 2009

It is still niggling.

However, it’s not stopping me running or slowing me down.  I do think I can feel some very slight improvement, but nothing dramatic.

Last few weeks mileage has been:

101, 101, 101, 46 (taper for aborted 6hr), 104, 114.5, 114.5, 106

So 7 out of last 8 weeks at 100mpw +.  

Average for last weeks is something like 98.5 – I’ll take it.



June 4, 2009

I can hardly believe this.  I definitely have some form of achilles injury in my left leg.  It is either achilles tendonitis or achilles tendinosis.  Not sure.  It is very tight, sore and creaky in the mornings and hurts a bit throughout a run.  I am definitely confined to “cross training” at the moment.

The attempt at the Faversham 6hr course record is in doubt.  Serious doubt.

I am taking ibuprofen (a NSAID), icing and resting it.  I know that the achilles takes a v long time to heal due to restricted blood flow in the area.

Depressed of Hampshire.