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Faversham 6hr race – preview

July 22, 2009

The Faversham 6hr race takes place around a 1044m circuit of rolling parkland.  The course record is 39 miles.  I think the record is a little on the low side due to the slight hill on each loop – a “slight hill” which will become a mountain after it has been climbed 60 times.

My goals are:

  • > 42 miles
  • place in top 3
  • beat existing course record

I don’t think I can win this as the list of competitors has a 2:20 marathoner who has run in a GB vest competing.  I’m not sure he has run an ultra yet – but that sort of pedigree will be hard to beat.  (Reckon I could have him over 12 – 24 hours though! 😉 )

In order to achieve this I am going to aim for 8 min miles with no walking breaks.  If this were another 12hr race, or longer, I would of course take walking breaks.  However, I’m going to take this as a bit of a test to see if I can hold 8:00 pace for 6hrs with no breaks.  If I can’t…. nothing has been lost.  I don’t need to win this.  It will just be treated as a great long run in the bank.

My fantastic brother, Nick, will be coming along to support and as a volunteer lap counter.  His presence will hopefully help me as much as it did in my last two ultras.

In order to maintain 8:00 pace I reckon I need to run each lap in about 5:13.

(8 min miles = 5 min km.  5 x 1.044 = 5.22.  60 secs x 0.22 = 13.2 seconds.)

In reality I expect my lap times to vary between about 5:05 to 5:30 – but hopefully the average will give me 8:00 pace overall.

And yes… I realise that 8 min miles will give me more than 42 miles.  In fact, if I maintain it… it will give me 45 miles which would be amazing.

60/8 x 6hrs = 45.