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Al Andalus Ultra Trail

July 31, 2009

I am giving serious consideration to entering the Al Andalus Ultra Trail,  July 12 – 16 2010.  It is a 5 day stage race covering about 250km, so the distance isn’t enormous.  It will be hot, probably around 40 – 45 degrees and very, very hilly.  I kind of like the sound of this.

The itinerary will be something like this:

Stage 1 : Loja to Alhama de Granada, 56km.

Stage 2 : Alhama de Granada to Jatar, 47km.

Stage 3 : Jatar to Jayena, 48km

Stage 4 : Jayena to Santa Cruz del Comercio, 50km.

Stage 5 : Santa Cruz del Comercio to Loja, 37km