My Family

I’m very lucky to be married to Catherine.

Our daughter, Florence, is 2 1/2 years old (going on 16).

Our son, Angus, is aged 11 months.

We have a yellow Labrador called Purdey and three chickens called Miss Pepperpot, Millie Middle and Sophie Dark. To have fresh eggs everyday is a great luxury in my book.

Photos of all of these lovelies to follow…..


4 Responses to “My Family”

  1. lee chamberlain Says:

    Thanks for the reply, all the record info is still with guinness, takes 6 to 8 weeks to hear back so should be any day soon. Congrats on the 12 hour event, good going. I really have no idea on how Tooting is going to go. totally different than pacing myself over 7 days. fingers crossed.
    do you train with a club at all? or on your own? I tend to find i have to go out alone alot. Andover isnt too far.
    Have you recoverd from your foot injury? I seem to be having pains right under my right ankle bone and across the top and bottom of my foot. Hurts more walking after an event than during the actual run. is this similar to what you had? i’ve not had it looked at etc, just assumed its normal pain with all the running. I get the feeling only rest is the answer. Tooting will be my last event of the year so hopefully will rest over xmass.

    We must have seen each other at the thames 50 with all the ice and snow earlier this year. at the 20 mile point I pulled out as i rolled my ankle, was too worried about being injured before my record attempt
    Not long to go till Tooting, you all prepared.

    Do you know anyone else doing it?


    • Tom Says:

      Hi Lee

      Sorry for taking a while to reply.

      My foot pain has been largely centered around my achilles – I’m pretty certain it is tendonitis.

      I tend to do all of my running alone, apart from a few runs at lunchtime with work colleagues.

      I’m ready for Tooting. My mileage has been far lower than I had hoped for. However, I have had some good running and am looking forward to getting something over 130 miles, maybe more.

      I will know a few of the other runners – but haven’t seen a list of entrants yet, so I’m not sure!

      Hope your last couple of weeks go well – see you on the track. Don’t forget your spikes and starting blocks.

  2. lee chamberlain Says:

    HI Tom

    I saw your reply on ultrarunner forum. I did reply but thought i’d say hi. This will be my fist ultra on the road of this distance and time etc.
    I’ve been doing treadmill ultra running past few years, breaking the 7 days record this July. so not sure what to achieve, least 120 would be nice
    I Like your website and I note your from hampshire, where abouts? I’m from Bracknell but work in Camberley border aldershot etc. I like your goals and I have to say similar to Mine, would love to national represent at ultra running and do the GUC…. My training is hard going at the mo,I train alone and I usually run on mental prep lol… looking forward to Tooting Bec. Be great to hear from you.

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