Tough, tough race

I will post a full report later.

Brief report:

Suffered diarrhoea from first hour onwards.  Then came the vomiting.  Still roughly on schedule.  Peed for the first time at hr 12 – it was very dark brown.  Damage done.  Eventually ended up in tent for several hours.  Got up and jogged a few laps to finish.  Result? Just under 92 miles – some 50 miles short of what I wanted.

I guess you can’t run far with no calories and no liquid inside you.

More to come.


6 Responses to “Tough, tough race”

  1. Jerry S Says:

    I am still in awe of you Tom, this was a BIG challenge and against all the odds you pulled out a great distance that only us mortals could dream of.

    Now let us focus on our next challenges 🙂

    • Tom Says:

      Thanks Jerry – I am still a bit (very) disappointed with this run. But, as you know, I now have other fish to fry. Namely running under 2:50 in the Brighton Marathon in April. The way I have mapped out my training and build up races should (hopefully) see me through to achieving this….

      In the meantime I’m going to be enjoying some shorter cross country races, hopefully placing in my local league.

      Oh – and the Doyen of the Downs isn’t far away now!

  2. Rob Pocock Says:

    Hi Tom, thanks for the tip – I’ll definitely get one soon. Looks very good. I’m thinking of doing the Vienna marathon as I did the half-marathon there this year. Will be doing it with Paul Adam and he’ll get me a place through his company. Cheers, Rob

  3. Rob Pocock Says:

    Hello Tom, just wanted to say hello again. I’ve also got a question – what GPS training watch would you recommend ? I’m considering running a marathon next year and think this would a useful buy. Cheers, Rob

    • Tom Says:

      Hi Rob,

      For me there is just one: the Garmin 405. Google it and find a decent price – there is a version with or without heart rate monitor – without is cheaper if you are not bothered about the hrm. I absolutely love the 405 – run wherever you want and get the exact distance, exact pace and more geeky stats than you could imagine.

      What marathon are you considering. I’m going to be doing the Brighton marathon in April – have a look but I think it is already full. Other possibilities for you might be Luton or Abingdon.

      Speak soon – Tom.

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