Michael Jackson

Sad news that Michael Jackson has died at the age of 50. I can’t say that I am in particularly in mourning for the man himself – he just became more and more bizarre as the years went by. But he has contributed so much to the world of music that I feel sad that the world has lost his talent. I just wish he had remained that cute little talented boy in the Jackson Five, rather than end his life as a plastic sideshow freak.

RiP old chap.


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2 Responses to “Michael Jackson”

  1. Lucy Colquhoun Says:

    Hi Tom

    I feel very rude as I have only just realised that people have left comments on my blog and I never read them until now! Oops. So, I wasn’t being rude, just technologically inept.

    Hope your running is going well and that you have some good races planned. I’m not sure what the rest of the year holds but am now looking forward to regaining some form after a bumpy few months. It’s good to be back at it again.


    • Tom Says:

      Hi Lucy,

      I’m having a fairly “bumpy” time too – damn achilles! Only averaging 30mpw at the moment – and was hoping for it to be at around 100mpw by now. Never mind eh? Best of luck to you. Tom

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