Sri Chinmoy 6 & 10 Day Race

An extraordinary race is taking place at the moment in Flushing Meadow, New York.

The 6 and 10 day races are, in my opinion, second only in utter lunacy to the extraordinary 3100 mile race, also held in New York.

Crazy people

Crazy people

This year the 3100 miler will be run from 14 Jun until 04 Aug. It is the world’s longest certified race. Runners have to negotiate 5649 laps of an 883 meter loop in 51 days, requiring an average of over 60 miles a day. Anway, I’ll post more on the 3100 miler later, and perhaps discuss my dream of doing this one day.

In the women’s 6 day race an epic battle is developing between previous champion, Dipali Cunningham, and Badwater champion Pam Reed. As I write, Dipali leads by just 3 miles. Pam will not give up without a decent fight, but Dipali is the pre-eminent women’s multi day racer in the world.

Pam Reed

Pam Reed

Dipali Cunningham, 50 years old, from Melbourne Australia

Dipali Cunningham, 50 years old, from Melbourne Australia

In the meantime, here are a couple of great links to the 6 and 10 day races:

Some great updates and interviews with the runners.

Sri Chinmoy Race Information Page


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2 Responses to “Sri Chinmoy 6 & 10 Day Race”

  1. Nick Says:

    Always love your ambition Tom, but seriously – you’re not considering doing the 3100 are ya?!

    • Tom Says:

      Hi Nick,

      Not until the children are grown up and have left home! Crikey – I have just worked out that I will be 55 before that happens. 😦

      Would love to do it though.

      I wonder if Catherine fancies an extended shopping trip to NY?

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