Recovery and training post 12hr race

My recovery from the 12hr race took much longer than expected.

Here is a quick summary:

Sun: Rest – barely able to walk properly. Lost 2 toenails.
Mon: Rest – walking a bit easier, right ankle sore, left groin sore.
Tue: 30 mins elliptical
Wed: 60 mins elliptical, jog 1 painful mile
Thu: 15 mins elliptical, jog 2 painful miles
Fri: Rest. Toes fine. Quads, hams, calves all fine.
Sat: Rest
Sun: Rest
Mon: Easy 5 mi (36:46) – this felt harder than it should have.
Tue: Easy 6 mi (44:00)
Wed: am. Easy 9 mi (1:10:00), pm. Easy 5 (34:24)
Thu: am: Easy 6mi (43:35), 4hrs later Steady 4 (25:45)
Fri: am: Easy 8 (57:36), pm: planned easy 6 at about 7:30 pace.

I now think I’m about ready to get back to normal training. This week will probably see about 75 miles. Next week I hope to get back up to 85 miles +, with the following week seeing 100 miles +.

The plan now is to try to get some consistent 100 mile weeks under my belt, with perhaps one speedwork sesion and one hill session per week.

June and July may see some 120 mile weeks, but I’ll play it by ear.

Racing plan is a bit up in the air. I’m entered for the Oxford Town and Gown 10km (17 May) with a view to recording a decent pb… but I’m also tempted by the Boddington 50k on the same day (an IAU labelled event). Decisions, decisions.

The only firm dates in the diary are the Ridgeway 85 miles on 29th/30th Aug and the Sri Chinmoy 24hr 17th/18th Oct.

2nd/3rd May sees the International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU) 24hr world champs. Disappointingly GB are only sending one male athlete, but we are sending a full women’s team. This in Bergamo, Italy, so I won’t get to spectate as much as I’d love to.

September will herald the Commonwealth Ultra Marathon Championships. These will be held in Keswick, Cumbria, so I hope to get up to watch both the 100k and the 24hr event. Team is not yet announced but I would expect the 24hr team to be Chris Finill, Chris Carver and Ken Fancett. We could send a team of 6, but so far we only have three who have made the qualification mark.

What a searingly dull post. I promise to do better.


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