Anton Krupicka

One of my favourite ultra runners….

Anton running Leadville I think.

Anton running Leadville I think.

has this to say about how to train:

Training Advice

First, I honestly believe every single runner is an ongoing experiment of one. What has seemed to work for me, may not-in fact, probably won’t-work the same way for someone else.

Run more! Whenever people ask me for training advice, I feel somewhat frustrated because I like to think that running is fairly uncomplicated. In a generalized, simplified nutshell-especially in the world of ultrarunning-the more you run, the better you will become at running. It’s certainly not the sexy answer and isn’t always super-exciting, but sheer time and pure hard work can go a long ways.

Have fun! This is a necessary corollary to the first paragraph! If I’m not enjoying my running, then I’m not going to run. Therefore, most of my running I really, truly enjoy, i.e. long runs in beautiful locations.

Slow down! I come from a background of training and racing on a college cross-country and track team and the number one training fallacy that I can identify now (other than maybe not running enough, but slowing down is correlated to that) is that some people would try to run way too fast on supposed easy or recovery days and runs. If the pace doesn’t feel easy, then it’s not. By slowing down to 8 minute pace I can go running comfortably for 3 hours, and by saving the hard efforts for the occasional race and speed workout, I’ve been able to go to the next level. However, getting out there and grunting and hurting at least once a week is still needed for improvement in this sport.

Keep it simple! Training to run 100 miles is not hard: get out there and run. A lot. Whether you’re tired or not. And savor the opportunity to access the simplified, primitive existence that running through the woods offers. Don’t get caught up in all the stopwatches and split times and GPS devices and heart rate monitors and gel packets and Camelbaks-just throw on some shoes (or not!) and let running remain the unfettered activity that it has always been.

 Oh… he then goes on to post this: (I don’t think this is an average week for him, he would usually average about 160 – 180mpw when preparing for competition)

Sample Training Log
MON 23Jul AM 16mi 2:10 Garden of the Gods + barefoot
PM 16mi 2:17 Rampart Reservoir
TUE 24Jul AM 27mi (4:05) Mt. Baldy Summit (12,349′)
PM 5mi (:42) Jack Quinn’s
WED 25Jul AM 25mi (4:07) Elk Park-Pikes Peak
Summit and back
PM 9mi (1:13) Monument Valley + barefoot
THU 26Jul AM 26mi (3:31) El Diablo-Buckhorn Loop
PM 5mi (:44) flat + barefoot
FRI 27Jul AM 11mi (1:31) Monument Valley+barefoot
SAT 28Jul AM 51mi (8:00) Pikes Peak Summit-Elk Park-Garden
SUN 29Jul AM 34mi (6:00) Half Moon-Winfield-Twin Lakes
(Hope Pass Double Crossing)
on LT100 course
Total 225mi (34:20)

225 miles per week. Extraordinary.


Hope Pass.  Does this guy own any shirts?

Hope Pass. Does this guy own any shirts?

Here is a short clip from the film “Indulgence” made about Anton:

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